Red Hills Ranch
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     About Us


Senator Herb Kohl from Milwaukee Wisconsin is the owner of the Red Hills Ranch.  He has been producing quality horses for nearly 40 years.  Roger and Paula Lasson the previous ranch managers have built up a high quality herd that continues to produce outstanding horses. 


We wish to acknowledge you who are repeat buyers as well as those of you who are visiting us for the first time. We are proud of our sale offerings and hope you will find what you need for pleasure, work, or show.

These horses represent our stallions, Dressed All in Black and Roulettes Ali.

Senator Kohl loves horses enjoys having all the new foals here every spring.






   See what our customers are saying!

I bought a horse from you three years ago and he is my go-to now when it comes to getting a job done. ~T.A.






 We just love that horse, he is such a sweet guy.   Just for fun, here are a few pictures of Tigger and his girl.   He has turned into quite a good eventing horse, he is wonderful in dressage.    It doesn't matter where we take him, someone always asks "Is that a Red Hills horse?" ~B.A.